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Jul 16, 2019
A meeting with "Dunno in the Sunny City" is waiting for you on the TV channel "Soviet Cartoons"

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Jul 16, 2019
What you need to know when buying bakery products

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Jul 16, 2019
“Sergey Makovetsky. Non-random meetings" - on the TV channel "Don 24"

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Payment of TV packages in «TV+» section

Enter the PIN-code 
received in the "TV+" section on your Smart TV for connection of TV package


Attention! Access to TV channels of «Internet TV» and "Providers TV" sections is free!




To purchase a paid TV package of "TV+" section you need to do the following:

 If you plan to use your Smart TV

        Choose «TV+» section on your Smart TV in ViNTERA.TV app and find list of TV packages with description and prices. After choosing the package and the viewing period press a blue burron on your TV remote. You will receive a PIN-code. If TV package's cost is displayed in the wrong currency, you can change the currency on to your TV at the "Settings" section, "Currency". Аttention! The money will be debited from your card at the exchange rate of the bank issuing the card. Please note that the amount may be slightly different due to the exchange operation.

For the payment you need to enter the PIN-code here on the site. After entering the code you will get all the information about the package and about TV where you will watch it. If the information is correct you proceed to payment.

If You plan to use your smartphone or tablet.

        You can chose the package and make payment directly from your device in section "TV+".

For all inquiries please help@vintera.tv or +7-495-781-2061

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